September 21, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops


Matthew Adler (Penn Law)

Georgetown Law and Economics

John Donahue (Yale Law)


Lynn M. LoPucki (UCLA Law), Transparency in the Courts

Northern Kentucky University

Michael Hunter Schwartz (Washburn Law), Teaching and Learning Colloquium

UCLA Faculty Fridays

Neil Netanel (UCLA Law), Maharam of Padua v. Giustiniani; the Sixteenth-Century Origins of the Jewish Law of Copyright


Scott R. Peppet (Colorado Law), The Ethics of Collaborative Law


Catherine Sharkey (NYU Law)

Virginia Law

R. Richard Banks (Stanford Law), Race Consciousness, Colorblindness, and the Quandary of Antidiscrimination Law

Washington University in St. Louis

Justin McCrary (Michigan Economics), Crime and Optimal Punishment: Theory and Evidence