September 27, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops

Boston University

Sadiq Reza (New York Law School), Islam’s Fourth Amendment: Search and Seizure in Islamic Legal Doctrine and Practice

Boston College Legal History

Adriaan Lanni (Harvard Law), Social Norms in the Courts of Classical Athens


Elizabeth M. Schneider (Brooklyn Law), The Dangers of Summary Judgment: Gender and Federal Litigation

Columbia Tax Colloquium

Lawrence Zelenak (Duke Law), Tax Policy and Personal Identity over Time

Florida State

Joseph Sanders (Houston Law), A Norms Approach to Jury ‘Nullification’: Interests, Values and Scripts


Sanford Levinson (Texas Law), Three Types of Constitutional Crisis


Cristina Rodriguez (NYU Law), The Significance of the Local in Immigration Regulation

Marquette Sports Law Institute

Topic: A number of legal scholars will be discussing a variety of issues regarding sports law

New York University Legal, Political and Social Philosophy

Richard Pildes (NYU Law), Identity and Democratic Institutions

Northwestern Law and Economics

James R. Hines Jr. (Michigan Law), Which Countries Become Tax Havens?


Ruth Colker (OSU Law), Why I Only Give Take-Home Exams: A Disability Perspective


Paul H. Robinson (UPenn), Rifleshot Legislative Amendments: A Proposal to Correct Legislative Errors


Jay Heinrichs, Thank you for Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln and Homer Simpson can teach us about the Art of Persuasion

Yale Law, Economics and Organization

Deirdre McCloskey (Illinois at Chicago), How to Buy, Sell, Make, Manage, Produce, Transact, Consume with Words