2007 Canadian Law and Economics Association Annual Meeting: Day One

Day One of the 2007 Canadian Law and Economics Association Annual Meeting at the University of Toronto Law School:

Friday, September 28:

1:30-2:30  Michael Trebilcock, Property Rights and Development:  The Contingent Case for Formalization

2:45-4:15  Intellectual Property

Cameron Hutchison & Moin Yahya, Patent Trolls & Adverse Possession:  A Law & Economics Approach

Mohammed Rafiquzzaman, Trends Patterns and the Determinants of Canada’s R&D Productivity

Antonia Swann, Post-Patent Pharmaceutical Firm Price Response to Generic Competition

2:45-4:15  Securities Law I

Douglas Cummings & Sofia Johan, Exchange Surveillance Index

Sudheer Chava, Henry Huang, Agnes Cheng & Gerald Lobo, Implications of Securities Class Actions for Cost of Equity Capital and Shareholder Wealth

Cecile Carpentier & Jean-Marc Suret, The Survival and Success of Penny Stock IPOs:  Canadian Evidence

2:45-4:15  Contracts I

Baris Soyer, Reforming Utmost Good Faith Obligations in Insurance Contracts:  An Economic Perspective

Varouj Aivazian & Robert Barber, Anthony Kronman, Mistake, Disclosure, Information and the Law of Contracts

Ran Jing & Ralph Winter, Exclusionary Contracts

2:45-4:15  Corporate Governance I

Alberto Salazar, The Cost of Moral Corporate Deficit:  Can the Regulation of Entry Mitigate the Cost of Civil Liability in Secondary Market Disclosure?

Onnig Dombalagian, Hock the Vote:  The Case for a Retail Share Lending Market

Guiseppe Dari-Mattiacci & Alessandra Arcuri, Multilevel Governance and Risk Diversification

2:45-4:15  Normative and Behavioral Economics

Tim Friehe, Sequential Torts and Bilateral Harm

Norman Siebrasse, Lead Us Not into Temptation:  Sectarianism Outperforms Dove in the Spatial Prisoners’ Dilemma

4:30-6:00  Bankruptcy Law

Jocelyn Martel & Timothy Fisher, The Cost of Moving Towards a Debtor-Oriented Bankruptcy System

Stephen Lubben, Delaware’s Irrelevance

4:30-6:00  Competition Law and Policy

Elina Cruz & Sebastian Zarate, Single European Telecommunications Market from a Competition Policy and Regulatory Perspective:  Analysis of the British and Spanish Cases

Daniel Sokol, Why Is This Chapter Different from All the Others?  An Examination of Why Countries Enter into Non-Enforceable Competition Policy Chapters in Free Trade Agreements

Michal S. Gal & Inbal Faibish, Six Principles for Limiting Government-Facilitated Restraints on Competition

4:30-6:00  Judicial Appointments and Decision-Making

Benjamin Alarie & Andrew Green, Policy Preference Change and Appointments to the Supreme Court of Canada

Jonathan Remy Nash, The Majority That Wasn’t:  Stare Decisis, Majority Rule, and the Mischief of Quorum Requirements

Maxwell Stearns, Standing at a Crossroads, The Roberts Court in Historical Perspective

4:30-6:00  Securities Law II

Douglas Cummings & Simona Zambelli, Illegal Buyouts

Mikko Packalen, Market Share Exclusion

Alicia Davis Evans, The Modest Case for the Creation of an Investor Compensation Fund

4:30-6:00 Corporate Governance II

Fernando Gomez & Maribel Saez, The Enforcement of Managers’ Passivity Duty in Takeover Law:  Class Action or Government Action?

Dominic Lai, Impact of Corporate Governance Leadership Structure on Financial Performance of Chinese- Controlled Public-Listed Companies in Malaysia

Jonathan Witmer & Lori Zorn, Estimating and Comparing the Implied Cost of Equity for Canadian and U.S. Firms