Canadian Law and Economics Association Annual Meeting: Day Two

Day Two of the 2007 Canadian Law and Economics Association Annual Meeting at the University of Toronto Law School:

Saturday, September 29:

9:15-10:45  Securities Law III

Cecile Carpentier, Jean-Francoi L’Her & Jean-Marc Suret, Competition and Survial of Stock Exchanges:  Lessons from Canada

Anna Gelpern, Domestic Bonds, Credit Derivatives and the Next Transformation of Sovereign Debt

P.M. Vasudev, Stock Market, Corporations and the Regulation:  A Few Glimpses into Reality

9:15-10:45  Criminal Law

Steeve Mongrain, Dan Bernhardt, Joanne Roberts, Rehabilitated or Not?

JJ Prescott & Jonah Rockoff, Do Sex Offender Registration and Notification Laws Affect Criminal Behavior?

Derek Pyne, When Is It Efficient to Treat Juvenile Offenders More Leniently Than Adult Offenders?

9:15-10:45  Corporate Governance III

Art Durnev & Larry Fauver, Stealing from Thieves:  Firm Governance and Performance When States Are Predatory

Katherine Litvak, Did the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Affect Corporate Risk-Taking?

Judd Sneirson, Doing Well by Doing Good:  Leveraging Due Care for Better, More Socially Responsible Corporate Decisionmaking

9:15-10:45  Competition Law and Policy II

Daniel Sokol & Kyle Stiegert, Long Term Advisers and Capacity Building in Competition Policy

Volkan Cetinkaya, Minimum Advertised Price and Resale Price Maintenance

Michal S. Gal, Below-Cost Price Alignment:  Meeting or Beating Competition

9:15-10:45  Teaching and Political Economy

Alena Kimakova, Teaching Law and Economics from a Positive Perspective:  The Political Economy of Law and Policy Design

Jose Vargas-Hernandez, Institutional Economics of Co-operation and the Political Economy of Trust

Max Stearns, Introduction to the Economic Analysis of Collective Decision-Making

11:15-12:45  Federalism, Regulation, and Enforcement

Robert Mikos, State Law Enforcement, Federal Criminal Law, and the “Free Agent” Problem

Sagit Leviner, A New Era of Tax Enforcement:  From “Big Stick” to Responsive Regulation

Brian Galle & Joseph Leahy, Innovation Spillovers and the Case for Federalism

11:15-12:45  Tax Law

Phil Curry, Claire Hill & Francesco Parisi, Creating Failures in the Market for Tax Planning

Anthony Infanti, Tax Equity

Claire Hill & Kristin Hickman, Is a Coherent Definition of a Tax Shelter Impossible?

11:15-12:45  Corporate Law and Social Responsibility I

Frederick Tung, Contract Primacy:  A Theory of Corporate Fiduciary Duty

Rez Dibadji, The Rhetoric of Fairness

Peter Oh, Piercing v. Lifting

11:15-12:45  Environmental Law

Daniel Cole, The Stern Review and Its Critics

Vinoli Thampapillai, Water Governance in Sweden

Shi-Ling Hsu, Joshua Walters & Anthony Purgas, Pollution Tax Heuristics:  An Empirical Study of Public Attitudes Towards Gasoline Taxes

11:15-12:45  Corporate Governance IV

Bernard Black & Woochan Kim, Identifying the Effect of Board Structure on Firm Value:  Event Study, DiD, Firm Fixed Effects, and IV Evidence from Korea

J.W. Verret, Pandora’s Ballot Box, or a Proxy with Moxie?  Majority Voting, Corporate Proxy Access and the Legend of Martin Lipton Re-Examined

Boris Mamlyuk, The Law and Economics of the Polluter Pays Principle

2:00-3:30  Law and Economics – Additional Topics

Mark Bauer, “Give the Lady What She Wants” – As Long As It’s Macy’s

Patricia Illingworth & R. Bhaskar, Law, Economics, and Social Capital Formation

2:00-3:30  Competition Law and Policy III

Doug West & Andrew Eckert, Exclusive Dealing in On-Premise Sales of Beer in Edmonton

Filomena Chirico, Ilse van der Haar & Pierre Larouche, Network Neutrality in the EU

Hamid Nazeman, Rules of Privatization and Globalization in Iran

2:00-3:30  Corporate Law and Social Responsibility II

Claire Hill & Brett McDonnell, Is There Only One Fiduciary Duty?  Commentary on Stone v. Ritter

Cherie Metcalf, The Private Diffusion of Public Law Norms:  Can Corporate Social Responsibility Really Work?

2:00-3:30  Contracts II and Torts I

Kevin Davis, Interpreting Boilerplate

Riita Ahtonen, Measuring Proper Consent in Voluntary Risk Allocation Under Bounded Rationality

Fernando Gomez & Juanjo Ganuza, Realistic Standards:  Optimal Negligence with Limited Liability

2:00-3:30  Litigation

Margherita Saraceno, Can Group Litigation Improve Deterrence?

Bernard Black, David Hyman, Charles Silver & William Sage, The Effect of Caps on Non-Economic Damages:  Evidence from Texas Medical Malpractice Cases

David Hoffman, Alan Izenman & Jeffrey Lidicker, Docketology, District Courts, and Doctrine