October 1, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago Law and Philosophy

Grant Lamond (Oxford Law)

Columbia Legal Theory

Kenneth Shepsle (Harvard Political Science)


Mary Anne Case (Chicago Law), Inaugural Address: Colloquium on Law and Sexuality

Loyola Tax Policy

Daniel Korb (IRS), The Impact of Tax Scholarship on Tax Administration

Seton Hall

James Gibson (Richmond Law)


W. Bradley Wendel (Cornell Law), Authority and Interpretation


Cristina Rodriguez (New York University Law), The Significance of the Local in Immigration


John Lott (Maryland), Freedomnomics: Why the Free Market Works and Other Half-Baked Theories Don’t

UCLA Faculty Mondays

Tim Fong (UCLA Pyschiatry), Gambling and the Law: Hidden Addictions with Real Consequences?


Emanuel Zur (NYU Business PhD), The Activist Investors – Investment Opportunities, Free Cash Flow, and Overinvestment

Virginia Law and Economics

Abraham Wickelgren (Northwestern Law), Advantage Defendant: Why Sinking Litigation Costs Make Negative Expected Value Defenses, but not Negative Expected Value Suits Credible