October 2, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops


Larry E. Ribstein (Illinois Law), The Rise of the Uncorporation


Lawrence Solum (Illinois Law), Virtue Jurisprudence: An Aretaic Theory of Law

Harvard Law and Economics

Michael Meurer (Boston Law), The Costs and Benefits of Patents to Innovators

Lewis and Clark

Paul Finkelman (Albany Law), Was Dred Scott Correctly Decided?


Sara Benesh (Wisconsin Milwaukee Political Science), Such Inferior Courts: Compliance by Circuits with Jurisprudential Regimes

New York Law School Scholarship Luncheons

Cameron Stracher (New York Law School), How to Write (and Publish) an Op-Ed


Madhavi Sunder (UC Davis Law), The New Enlightenment: How Muslim Women are Bringing Religion Out of the Dark Ages