October 5, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops


Michele Goodwin (Minnesota Law), Biotechnology: The New Empire


Paul Caron (Cincinnati Law), Law School Rankings:  Past, Present, and Future

Drake Constitional Law Center

Emma Coleman Jordan (Georgetown), Wealth and Inequality: Thinking about Communities and Individualism


Zephyr R. Teachout (Duke Law)

Duke Global Law

Susan Rose-Ackerman (Yale Law), Treaties and National Security

Georgetown Law and Economics

Tom Hazlett (George Mason Law), Natural Experiments in U.S. Broadband Regulation


Christina Bohannan (Iowa Law), Copyright Harm and Fair Use

New York Law School South Africa Reading Group

Adam Dodek (Toronto Law), The Springbok, the Maple Leaf, and the Eagle: South African-Canadian Constitutional Relationships in a World of Old, New, and Middle-Aged Constitutions

Northern Kentucky

Wolfram Karl (Salzburg Law), Fundamental Rights and Terrorism–The European Experience


Kate Bohl (Stetson Law), Generations of X and Y Take Legal Writing: Practical Strategies for Class Management


Robert Mikos (UC Davis), Regulating under the Influence of the Controlled Substances Act

UCLA Faculty Fridays

Curtis Milhaupt (Columbia Law), Reputational Sanctions in China’s Security Market


Nicole Garnett (Notre Dame Law), Suburbs as Exit, Suburbs as Entrance