October 15, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops


Kim Krawiec (North Carolina Law), Board Diversity and Corporate Performance: Filling the Gaps

Columbia Legal Theory

Winnifred F. Sullivan (Buffalo Law), Prison Religion

Loyola Tax Policy

Mary Heen (Richmond Law), Politically Controversial Speakers on Campus

Minnesota Public Law

Rachel Moran (Cal-Berkeley Law), The Story of Grutter v. Bollinger: The Heirs of Brown


Dale Carpenter (Minnesota Law)

Penn Law and Philosophy

Robert Paul Wolff (Massachusetts Amherst Afro-American Studies), The Future of Socialism

Queen’s Law

Heidi Hurd (Illinois Law), The Morality of Mercy

Seton Hall

Richard Moberly (Nebraska Law)

Suffolk Comparative Law and Society Speaker Series

Mary Sarah Bilder (Boston College Law), The Impact of Madison’s Training as a Lawyer


Harwell Wells (Temple Law), The Rise of the Close Corporation and the Making of Corporation Law


Regina Herzlinger (Harvard Business), Who Killed Health Care? Individual Freedom vs. Government Control

UCLA Faculty Mondays

Doug Kysar (Cornell Law), Regulating from Nowhere: Environmental Law and the Search for Objectivity


Donald Langevoort (Georgetown Law), Basic at Twenty: Rethinking Fraud-on-the-Market

Virginia Law and Economics

Joshua Fischman (Tufts Economics), Strategic Compliance in a Judicial Hierarchy