October 24, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops


Deborah R. Hensler (Stanford Law), Reconsidering Jury Verdicts in Tort Liability Suits


Amy Adler (NYU Law), Against Moral Rights (in the Visual Arts)


Andrew Koppelman (Northwestern Law), Religious Neutrality in American Law


Richard Collier (Newcastle Law)

George Washington

Ira Lupu (George Washington Law) and Robert Tuttle (George Washington Law), Religious Expression in the Public Schools – Contemporary Issues

NYU Legal History

Susanna Blumenthal (Minnesota Law), “Death by His Own Hand”: Accounting for Suicide in Nineteenth-Century Life Insurance Litigation

Penn Law and Economics

Brian Cartwright (Securities and Exchange Commission), The Future of Securities Regulation

Oregon Environmental and Natural Resources Law

Mike Russo (Oregon Business), The Business of Global Warming