October 29, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops


Carol Stack (UC Berkeley Education), Doing Public Anthropology for Social Justice


Ashutosh Bhagwat (Hastings), Cooper and Federalism

Duke International and Comparative Law

Herbert Kronke (Heidelberg Law), UNIDROIT’s Cape Town Treaty System–A Modern Revolution? International Interests in Mobile Equipment in the Global Economy

Harold Burman, Why Unify Transnational Commercial Law? Two Perspectives


Dan Ortiz (Virginia Law), Nice Legal Studies

Florida State

Mary Jane Angelo (Florida Law), The Killing Fields: Reducing the Casualties in the Battle Between U.S. Species Protection Law and U.S. Pesticide Law


Elizabeth M. Glazer (Hofsta Law), When Obscenity Discriminates


Dawn Johnson (Indiana Law)


James Gathii (Albany Law)

Loyola Tax Policy

Mona Hymel (Arizona Law) & Roberta Mann (Widener Law), Moonshine to Motorfuel: Tax Incentives for Fuel Ethanol


Edward Janger (Brooklyn Law), Virtual Territoriality (International Bankruptcy Law)

Seton Hall

Corinna Lain (Richmond Law), Death is Different (But Not Really)


David Kairys (Temple Law), Philadelphia Freedom, Memoir of a Civil Rights Lawyer

UCLA Faculty Mondays

Ken Feinberg (UCLA Law), The 9/11 Fund–Tort Aberration or Precedent


William Carney (Emory Law), The Mystery of Delaware Law’s Continuing Success

Virginia Law and Economics

Andy Hanssen (Montana State Economics Dep’t), “Rulers Ruled by Women” An Economic Analysis of the Rise and Fall of Women’s Rights in Ancient Sparta

Washington University in St. Louis

Max Stearns (Maryland Law), Standing at the Crossroads