October 30, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops


Joseph T. Hansen (United Food and Commercial Workers International Union)


David Schneiderman (Georgetown Law), Investment Rules, Irreversibility, and the Difficulties of Democratic Resistance

Book Panel on Less Safe, Less Free: Why America is Losing the War on Terror by David Cole (Georgetown Law) and Jules Lobel (Pittsburgh Law). Commentary by David Cole, Neal Katyal (Georgetown Law), and Bradford Berenson (Former Associate Counsel to the President)

Harvard Internet and Society

Eszter Hargittai (Northwestern Communications)

Harvard Law and Economics

Greg Sidak (Georgetown Law), Patent Holdup and Oligopsony in Standard Setting Organizations


Michael Simons (St. John’s Law), Prosecutors as Punishment Theorists

Lewis and Clark

Lorie Johnson (Lewis and Clark Law), The Impact of Taxes on Choice of Venue for Distressed Debt Reconstructuring


Irene Calboli (Marquette Law), The Case for Trademark Merchandising

New York Law School

Dan Hunter (New York Law School), Trademark’s Confusing Lie

Penn Law and Philosophy

Jeff McMahan (Rutgers-New Brunswick Philosophy), The Morality of War and the Law of War


Spencer Waller (Loyola-Chicago), The Chicago School Virus

SMU Law and Citizenship

Jason Gillmer (Texas Wesleyan Law), Base Wretches and Black Wenches: A Story of Sex and Race, Violence and Compassion, During Slavery Time