Second Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies: Day One

Day One of the Second Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies at NYU Law School in NY, NY.  (Authors, Papers, and Discussants after the jump.)

9:00-11:00  Courts & Judges I

Frank Cross, Thomas Smith & Antonio Tmarchio, Determinants of Cohesion in the Supreme Court’s Network of Precedents (Discussant:  Tracey George)

Charles Cameron & Thomas Clark, The Macro-Politics of the Supreme Court (Discussant:  Nicola Persico)

Jeffrey Segal, Chad Westerland & Stafanie Lindquist, Congress, the Supreme Court, and Judicial Review:  Testing a Constitutional Separation of Powers Model (Discussant:   Lewis Kornhauser)

9:00-11:00  Corporate I

Martijn Cremers, Vinay Nair & Urs Peyer, Takeover Defenses and Competition (Discussant:  Daniel Wolfenzon)

Rejin Guo, Timothy Kruse & Tom Nohel, Undoing the Powerful Anti-Takeover Force of Staggered Boards (Discussant:  Guhan Subramanian)

Xavier Grioud & Holger Mueller, Does Corporate Governance Matter in Competitive Industries (Discussant:  Andrew Metrick)

9:00-11:00  Bankruptcy I

Lynn LoPucki & Joseph Doherty, The Determinants of Professional Fees in Large Bankruptcy Reorganization Cases Revisited (Discussant:  Ed Morrison)

Jay Westbrook & Elizabeth Warren, Chapter 11:  Conventional Wisdom and Reality (Discussant:  Antoinette Schoar)

Ronald Mann, Making Sense of Nation-Level Bankruptcy Filing Rates (Discussant:  Stephen J. Lubben)

9:00-11:00  Civil Litigation I

Kuo-Chang Huang, Does Discovery Promote Settlement?  A Lesson from Taiwan (Discussant:  Keith Hylton)

Seth Seabury, Inferring Beliefs from Selected Samples:  Evidence from Civil Litigation (Discussant:  Anup Malani)

Gillian Hadfield, Settlement Values:  How 9/11 Victims Saw the Choice Between Money and Going to Court (Discussant:  Robert Rabin)

9:00-11:00  Criminal I

Nancy King, Fred Cheesman & Brian Ostrom, Habeas Litigation in the U.S. District Courts (Discussant:  Trevor Morrison)

Jeffrey Fagan, Aaron Kupchik & Akiva Liberman, Be Careful What You Wish For:  Legal Sanctions and Public Safety Among Adolescent Offenders in Juvenile and Criminal Court (Discussant:  Samuel Gross)

9:00-11:00  Intellectual Property

James Bessen & Michael Meurer, The Private Costs of Patent Litigation (Discussant:  Jay Kesan)

Mark Lemley & Bhaven Sampat, Is the Patent Office a Rubber Stamp? (Discussant:  Katherine Strandburg)

Paul Heald, Property Rights and the Efficient Exploitation of Copyrighted Works:  An Empirical Analysis of Public Domain and Copyrighted Fiction Best Sellers (Discussant:  Barton Beebe)

11:00-1:15  Law & Politics I

Michael Alvarez, Delia Bailey & Jonathan Katz, Estimating the Effect of Voter Identification Laws on Turnout (Discussant:  Andrew Martin)

Jonathan Nagler & Jan Leighley, Electoral Laws and Turnout, 1972-2004 (Discussant:  Charles Cameron)

Adam Cox & Thomas Miles, Judging the Voting Rights Act (Discussant:  Ellen Katz)

11:15-1:15  Corporate II

Alexander Dyck, Adair Morse & Luigi Zingales, How Pervasive Is Corporate Fraud?  (Discussant:  Jennifer Arlen)

Jonathan Karpoff, Scott Lee & Gerald Martin, The Determinants of Managerial Decisions to Cook the Books (Discussant:  Mark Cohen)

Anup Agrawal & Tommy Cooper, Corporate Governance Consequences of Accounting Scandals:  Evidence from Top Management, CFO and Auditor Turnover (Discussant:  Cindy Alexander)

11:15-1:15  Bankruptcy II

Rainer Haselmann & Paul Wachtel, Institutions and Bank Behavior (Discussant:  Curtis Milhaupt)

Tom Chang & Antoinette Schoar, Judge Specific Differences in Chapter 11 and Firm Outcomes (Discussant:  Alan Schwartz)

Kenneth Ayotte & Edward Morrison, Creditor Control and Conflict in Chapter 11 (Discussant:  Barry Adler)

11:15-1:15  Experimental Dispute Resoltuion I

Russell Korobkin & Joseph Dorety, Who Wins in Settlement Negotiations?  (Discussant:  Charles Silver)

Juan Carrillo & Thomas Palfrey, The Compromise Game:  Two-Sided Adverse Selection in the Laboratory (Discussant:  Kathy Zeiler)

Claudia Landeo, Tort Reform and Disputes Under Endogenous Beliefs (Discussant:  Dan Simon)

11:15-1:15  Criminal II

Randi Hjalmarsson, Crime and Expected Punishment:  Changes in Perceptions at the Age of Criminal Majority (Discussant:  Justin McCrary)

Danton Berube & Donald Green, The Effects of Sentencing on Recidivism:  Results from a Natural Experiment (Discussant:  Daniel Ho)

David Abrams, Marianne Betrand & Sendhil Mullainathan, Do Judges Vary in Their Treatment of Race?  (Discussant:  Justin Wolfers)

11:15-1:15  Empirical Analysis

Anup Malani, Expectations of Future Laws (Discussant:  Eric Talley)

Michael McDonald & Justin Levitt, Seeing Double Voting:  An Extension of the Birthday Problem (Discussant:  Dan Rubinfeld)

William Anderson & Martin T. Wells, Numerical Analysis in Least Squares Regression with an Application to the Abortion-Crime Debate (Discussant:  Bruce Spencer)

2:15-4:15  Courts & Judges II

Christina Boyd, Lee Epstein & Andrew Martin, Untangling the Causal Effects of Sex on Judging (Discussant:  Kevin Quinn)

Tracey George & Albert Yoon, Chief Judges:  The Limits of Attiudinal Theory and Possible Paradox of Managerial Judging (Discussant:  Jeff Segal)

Matthew Sag, Tonja Jacobi & Maxim Sytch, The Effect of Judicial Ideology in Intellectual Property Cases (Discussant:  Patrick Egan)

2:15-4:15  Corporate III

Yair Listokin, Management Always Wins the Close Ones (Discussant:  Edward Rock)

Lucian Arye Bebchuk, Martijn Cremers & Urs Peyer, CEO Centrality (Discussant:  Paul Oyer)

Howard Rosenthal & Erik Voeten, Measuring Legal Systems (Discussant:  Katharina Pistor)

2:15-4:15  Commercial Contracts

Adair Morse, Payday Lenders:  Heroes or Villains?  (Discussant:  Larry White)

Christopher Lewis Peterson, Usury Law, Payday Loans, and Statutory Slight of Hand:  An Empirical Analysis of American Credit Pricing Limits (Discussant:  Michael Barr)

Katherine Porter, Profiting from ‘Profligates’:  The Credit Industry’s Business Model for Postbankruptcy Lending (Discussant:  Oren Bar-Gill)

2:15-4:15  Torts

Paul Rubin & Joanna Shepherd, The Demographics of Tort Reform:  Winners and Losers (Discussant:  Theodore Eisenberg)

Eric Helland, Crash & Learn:  Consumption Externalities and the Reduction of Aircraft Accidents (Discussant:  MIchael Heise)

Alan Marco & Casey Salvietti, What Does Tort Law Deter?  Precaution and Activity Levels in No-Faul Automobile Insurance (Discussant:  Bentley MacLeod)

2:15-4:15  Criminal III

Beth Simmons & Allison Danner, Credible Commitments and the International Criminal Court (Discussant:  Andrew Guzman)

Samuel Gross & Barbara O’Brien, Frequency and Predictors of False Conviction:  The Problem, and Some Data on Capital Cases (Discussant:  John Blume)

Stephane Mechoulan, The External Effects of Black-Male Incarceration on Black Females (Discussant:  JJ Prescott)

2:15-4:15  Experimental II:  Decisionmaking about Risk

John Darley, Lawrence Solan, Matthew Kugler & Joseph Sanders, Liability for Risk:  Citizens’ Perspectives on Liability for Loss of Chance (Discussant:  Richard Lempert)

Dan Kahan, Paul Slovic, Donald Braman, John Gastil & Geoffrey Cohen, Affect, Values and Nanotechnology Risk Perceptions:  An Experimental Investigation (Discussant:  Robert MacCoun)

4:30-5:50  Courts & Judges III

James Gibson & Gregory Caldeira, Knowing About Courts (Discussant:  Neal Beck)

Jed Shugerman, The Twist of Long Terms:  Disasters, Elected Judges, and American Tort Law (Discussant:  Sandy Gordon)

4:30-5:50  Securities I

Howell Jackson & Mark Roe, Public Enforcement of Securities Laws:  Preliminary Evidence (Discussant:  Jack Coffee)

Karen Nelson & Adam Pritchard, Litigation Risk and Voluntary Disclosure:  The Use of Meaningful Cautionary Language (Discussant:  Jill Fisch)

4:30-5:50  Contracts

Jonathan Klick, Bruce Kobayashi & Larry Ribstein, The Effect of Contract Regulation:  The Case of Franchising (Discussant:  Gillian Hadfield)

John Horton, Contract Characteristics and the Probability of Litgation (Discussant:  Alan Marco)

4:30-5:50  Legal Profession

Paul Oyer & Scott Schaefer, Personnel-Economic Geography:  Evidence from Large US Law Firms (Discussant:  Geoffrey Miller)

Herbert Kritzer, To Lawyer, or Not to Lawyer, Is That the Question?  (Discussant:  Tom Baker)

4:30-5:50 Finance, Bankruptcy & Coporate Governance I

Vladimir Atanasov, Bernard Black, Conrad Ciccotello, Stanley Gyoshev, How Does Law Affect Finance?  An Examination of Financial Tunneling in an Emerging Market (Discussant:  Alexander Dyck)

Art Durney & larry Fauver, Stealing from Thieves:  Firm Governance and Performance When States Are Predatory (Discussant:  Vik Khanna)

4:30-5:50  Taxation I

Chris Sanchirico, Progressivity and Potential Income:  Measuring the Effect of Changing Work Patterns on Income Tax Progressivity (Discussant:  Daniel Shaviro)

Joel Slemrod, Why Is Elvis on Burkina Faso Postage Stamps?  The Commercialization of State Sovereignty (Discussant:  Jon Bakija)