Second Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies: Day Two

Day Two of the Second Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies at NYU Law School in NY, NY.  (Authors, Papers, and Discussants after the jump.)

9:00-11:00  Law & Politics II

Christopher Berry & Jacob Gersen, The Fiscal Consequences of Electoral Institutions (Discussant:  Eric Helland)

Delia Bailey & Jonathan Katz, Re-Assessing the Impact of Majority-Minority Districts on Congressional Elections (Discussant:  Nate Persily)

Anna Bassi, Rebecca Morton & Jessica Trounstine, How the Delegation of Voting Rights Affects the Measurement of Voting Behavior (Discussant:  Matt McCubbins)

9:00-11:00  Corporate IV

John Armour, Simon Deakin, Prabirjit Sarkar, Mathias Siems, Ajit Singh, Shareholder Protection & Stock Market Development:  Test of Legal Origins Hypothesis (Discussant:  Howell Jackson)

Simi Kedia & Shivaram Rajgopal, Neighborhood Matters:  The Impact of Location on Broad Based Stock Option Plans (Discussant:  Scott Schaefer)

James Brown, Dino Falaschetti & Michael Orlando, Auditor Independence and Earnings Quality:  Evidence for Market Discipline vs. Sarbanes-Oxley Proscriptions (Discussant:  April Klein)

9:00-11:00  Finance, Bankruptcy & Corporate Governance II

Vedran Capkun, Bankruptcy Resolution:  Duration, APR Violations, DIP Financing & Delaware (Discussant:  Richard Hynes)

Krishnamurthy Subramanian, Frederick Tung & Xue Wang, Law, Agency Costs and Project Finance:  An Empirical Analysis (Discussant:  Kose John)

Marina Martynova & Luc Renneboog, A Corporate Governance Index:  Convergence and Diversity of National Corporate Governance Regulations (Discussant:  Hannes Wagner)

9:00-11:00  Medical Malpractice

Michelle Mello & David Studdert, Deconstructing Negligence:  The Role of Individual and System Factors in Causing Medical Injuries (Discussant:  John Rolph)

David Hyman, Bernard Black, Charles Silver & William Sage, The Effect of Caps on Non-Economic Damages on Jury Verdicts, Post-Verdict Payouts, and Settlements:  Evidence from Texas Medical Malpractice Cases (Discussant:  Cathy Sharkey)

Ronen Avraham & Alvaro Bustos, The Unexpected Effect of Tort Reform:  Do Caps Delay Settlements?  (Discussant:  Kathy Spier)

9:00-11:00  Race and Sex

Joseph Price & Justin Wolfers, Racial Discrimination Among NBA Referees (Discussant:  Ian Ayres)

Amit Gandi, Matthew L. Spitzer & Simon Wilkie, Cheap Sex and the Changing Economics of Broadcast Television (Discussant:  Dan Crane)

Katerina Linos, What Accounts for the Development of Employment Anti-Discrimination Laws Across OECD Countries?  (Discussant:  Kim Yuracko)

9:00-11:00  Property & Environment I

Hilary Sigman, Environmental Liability and Redevelopment of Old Industrial Land (Discussant:  Richard Stewart)

Vicki Been, Ingrid Gould Ellen, Michael Gedal & Ioan Voicu, The Impact of Supportive Housing on Surrounding Neighborhoods (Discussant:  Jay Weiser)

Jonathan Remy Nash, Packaging Property:  The Effect of Paradigmatic Framing of Property Rights (Discussant:  Richard Epstein)

11:00-12:35  Law & Politics III

Sanford Gordon, An Analysis of Partisan Bias in Federal Public Corruption Prosecutions (Discussant:  Anne Morrison Piehl)

Cheryl Boudreau & Mathew McCubbins, From Competition to Competence?  Theory and Experiments Regarding Deliberation and Citizen Learning (Discussant:  Rebecca Morton)

11:15-12:35  Corporate V

Marco Becht, Colin Mayer, Hannes Wagner, Where Do Firms Incorporate?  Deregulation and the Cost of Entry (Discussant:  Jens Damann)

Cindy Alexander, Mark Chen, Duane Seppi, Chester Spatt, The Role of Advisory Services in Proxy Voting (Discussant:  Edward Rock) 

11:15-12:35  Securities II

Artyom Durnev, Merritt Fox, Randall Morck & Bernard Yeung, Required Line of Business Reporting and Share Price Accuracy (Discussant:  Allen Ferrell)

Alicia Davis Evans, Do Individual Investors Affect Share Price Accuracy?  Some Preliminary Evidence (Discussant:  Stephen Choi)

11:15-12:35  Taxation II

Mihir Desai & Dhammika Dharmapala, Taxes, Institutions and Foreign Diversification Opportunities (Discussant:  David Walker)

Michael Barr & Jane Dokko, Paying to Save:  Tax Withholding and Asset Allocation Among Low- and Moderate-Income Taxpayers (Discussant:  Nadia Eissa)

11:15-12:35  Family Law

Ira Mark Ellman, Sanford Braver & Robert MacCoun, Intuitive Lawmaking:  The Example of Child Support (Tess Wilkinson-Ryan)

Betsey Stevenson, Divorce-Law Changes, Household Bargaining, and Married Women’s Labor Supply Revisited (Discussant:  Lynn Mather)

11:15-12:35  Property & Environment II

Janice Nadler & Shari Seidman Diamond, Eminent Domain and the Psychology of Property Rights (Discussant:  Robert Ellickson)

David Markell & Tom Tyler, Using Empirical Research to Explore the Ways to Enhance Citizen Roles in Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (Discussant:  Jeffrey Rachlinski)

1:35-3:35  Courts & Judges IV

Clifford Carrubba, Barry Friedman, Andrew Martin & Georg Vanberg, The Power on the Supreme Court (Discussant:  Daniel Rodriguez)

Jonathan Kastellec & Jeffrey Lax, Case Selection and the Study of Judicial Politics (Discussant:  Dan Klerman)

Stephen Choi, Gaurang Mitu Gulati & Eric Posner, Professionals or Politicians:  The Uncertain Empirical Case for an Elected Rather than Appointed Judiciary (Discussant:  Stefanie Lindquist)

1:35-3:35  Corporate VI

Kate Litvak, Long-Term Effects of Sarbanes-Oxley on Cross-Listing Premia (Discussant:  Craig Doidge)

Vitaliy Zheka, Does Corporate Governance Causally Predict Firm Performance?  Panel Data and Instrumental Variables Evidence (Discussant:  Mathias Siems)

Xi Li, The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Cross-Listed Foreign Private Issuers (Discussant:  Reinier Kraakman)

1:35-3:35  Financial Institutions

Martin Cihak & Richard Podpiera, Are More Integrated Prudential Supervision Agencies Characterized by Better Regulation and Supervision?  (Discussant:  Richard Scott Carnell)

Bart Leyman & Koen Schoors, Loan Securities and Bank Debt Restructuring of Small to Medium-Sized Distressed Firms (Discussant:  Charles Calomiris)

Donato Masciandaro, Determinants of Financial Supervision Regimes:  Markets, Institutions, Politics, Law or Geography?  (Discussant:  Geoffrey Miller)

1:35-3:35  Health

Barak Richman, Insurance Mandates:  Do They Hurt Those They’re Designed to Help?  (Discussant:  Russell Korobkin)

Pascoe Pleasence, Nigel Balmer & Alexy Buck, Mental Health and the Experience of Problems Involving Rights (Discussant:  Sherry Glied)

Jill Horwitz & Austin Nichols, What Do Nonprofits Maximize?  Nonprofit Hospital Service Provision and Market Ownership Mix (Discussant:  Henry Hansmann)

1:35-3:35  Juries and Judges

Alayna Jehle, Monica Miller & Markus Kemmelmeier, The Influence of Accounts and Remorse on Mock Jurors’ Judgments of Offenders (Discussant:  Jennifer Robbennolt)

Jeffrey Rachlinski, Sheri Lynn Johnson, Andrew Wistrich, Chris Guthrie, Does Unconscious Bias Affect Trial Judges?  (Discussant:  Kristin Lane)

Mary Rose, Christopher Ellison & Shari Seidman Diamond, Preferences for Juries over Judges Across Racial and Ethnic Groups (Discussant:  Valerie Hans)

1:35-3:35  Civil Litigation II

Thomas Cohen, Do Federal and State Courts Differ in How They Handle Civil Trial Litigation:  A Portrait of Civil Trials in State and Federal District Courts (Discussant:  Nicole Waters)

Rebecca Eyre, Joe Cecil & Eric Topor, Judicial Management of Patent Claim Construction (Discussant:  Bhaven Sampat)

Thomas Bak, John Golmant & James Woods, A Comparison of the Effects of the 1978 and 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Legislation (Discussant:  Vedran Capkun)