November 15, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops


David Walker (Boston Law), Book/Tax Conformity and Equity Compensation

Boston College Legal History

Gerald Leonard (Boston Law), Rethinking Dred Scott


Robert C. Hockett (Cornell), Winning Trade-Liberalization More Stakeholders by Making More Stockholders: A Global Stock-Ownership Plan


Jesse Fried (UC Berkeley), Deviations from Contractual Priority in the Sale of VC-Backed Firms

Columbia Tax Colloquium

Edward McCaffery (USC Law), An Exploration in the Theory of Optimum Consumption Taxes

Florida State

Erin O’Hara (Vanderbilt Law), The Law Market


Stephen Shute (Birmingham Law), Self-Control in the Modern Provocation Defense


Lea Vandervelde (Iowa Law)

NYU Legal, Political and Social Philosophy

John Dunn (Cambridge Political Science), Capitalist Democracy: Elective Affinity or Beguiling Illusion? and Disambiguating Democracy


Larry Kramer (Stanford Law)

Stanford Law and Economics

Jonathan Macey (Yale Law), The Problem of Corporate Governance


Adam Feibelman (North Carolina Law)

Virginia Junior Faculty Forum

Nathan Oman (William & Mary Law), The Thirteenth Amendment and Specific Performance


Jane Winn (Washington Law), Globalization and the Reinvention of Contract Law

Yale Law and Economics

Dean Lueck (Arizona Economics), The Rectangular Survery versus Metes and Bounds: Systematic and Unsystematic Land Demarcation