November 26, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago Law and Philosophy

Claire Finkelstein (Penn Law)

Columbia Law and Economics

John McGinnis (Northwestern Law), The Desirable Constitution and the Case for Originalism


Adam Scales (Washington & Lee Law), Following Form: Corporate Succession and Liability Insurance

Loyola Tax

Benjamin M. Leff (Vinson & Elkins), “Sit Down and Count the Cost”: Valuing the Speech of Charities in Order to Constitutionally Enforce the 501(c)(3) Campaign Intervention Ban

UCLA Faculty Mondays

Rick Sander (UCLA Law), The Impact of Prop 209 on California Undergraduates

Queen’s Law

Honourable Marshall Rothstein (Supreme Court of Canada), Law and Economics in Legal Practice


Victor Fleischer (Illinois Law), Regulatory Craftsman