Crimtorts – Harrisburg, PA

The Widener Law Journal presents a symposium on Crimtorts, Feb. 25, 2008, Harrisburg, PA.
“‘Crimtorts’ is a phrase coined by Professors Thomas Koenig and Michael Rustad to describe the expanding middle ground between criminal and tort law. Crimtorts is not a new body of law per se or even a new cause of action. Rather, crimtorts is an explicit recognition that criminal law principles of punishment and deterrence have been assimilated into tort law. The extent of that assimilation and its effects on the tort system are issues that merit robust consideration.”

Speakers include Thomas h. Koenig, Michael L. Rustad, Kenneth W. Simons, Martha Chamallas, Mary Kate Kearney, Jeffrey O’Connell, Byron G. Stier, Mark Geistfeld, Keith N. Hylton, Shella B. Scheueman, Anthony J. Sebok, and Catherine M. Sharkey.