How to Make the Most of This Blog

Last week at the annual meeting of the Association of American Law Schools I had the opportunity to talk to a number of people about this blog. I was pleased that many of them agreed that a blog to help people track law-related conferences, calls for papers, and workshops was a good idea. A few even said they’d seen it.

One person noted that many of the faculty at her school were not blog users and needed to be persuaded to try one out. That made me think that it might be useful to explain the ways that you can use this blog. It’s got a lot of content and a number of tools for navigating, so some tips could help.

So if you’re not a regular blog user, take a look at the new page, Ways to Use This Site, and take a look around.

Whether you’re a busy blogger or an occasional visitor, remember to send us your announcements of conferences and symposia — legalscholarshipblog|at|  We also welcome comments and suggestions.

— Mary Whisner (part of the UW end of our cross-country collaboration)