January 23, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops

Arizona State

Adam Kolber (San Diego Law, Princeton Center for Human Values), The Subjective Experience of Punishment


Patricia McCoy (UConn Law), The Impact of State Anti-Predatory Lending Laws: Policy Implications and Insights


Kim Scheppele (Princeton Politics), The International State of Emergency


Bill Merkel (Washburn Law), Dubious Originalism and the Second Amendment

Michigan Tax Policy

James R. Hines, Jr. (Michigan Law)

NYU Legal History

Peter Hoffer (Georgia History), The Treason Trials of Aaron Burr: A Law Story from the Early Republic

St. Thomas (MN)

Chaim Saiman (Villanova Law)


Balakrishnan Rajagopal (MIT Human Rights), Pro-Human Rights but Anti-Poor? Rethinking the Indian Supreme Court through a Social Movement Analysis