January 28, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago Law & Philosophy

James Lindgren (Northwestern Law)

Chicago-Kent Civil Liberties

David D. Cole (Georgetown Law) & Jules L. Lobel (Pittsburgh Law), Less Safe, Less Free: Why America is Losing the War on Terror

Columbia Legal Theory

Eric Posner (Chicago Law), The Recurrent Illusion: International Relations and Global Legalism


Anu Bradford (Harvard Law), International Antitrust Negotiations and the False Hope of the WTO

Georgetown Law & Philosophy

Michael Perry (Emory Law), Morality and Normativity & Liberal Democracy and Human Rights

Georgia State

David Anderson

Northwestern Law & Economics

Edward B. Rock (Penn Law), The Hanging Chads of Corporate Voting


Alan Madry (Marquette Law), Land Use Regulation and the New Property Revisited


Benjamin Zipursky (Fordham Law), Two Dimensions of Responsibility


Kimberly Kessler Ferzan (Rutgers Law), The Right to Self Defense

Stanford Internet & Society

Mark Cooper (Consumer Federation of America), The Digital Revolution, Defining the Consumer Victory and Defending the Public Interest in the 21st Century: Network Neutrality, Digital Downloading, and Privacy in Online Advertising

St. John’s

Ronald J. Colombo (Hofstra Law), Ownership, Limited: Reconciling Tradition and Progressive Corporate Law via an Aristotelian Understanding of Ownership


Richard Greenstein (Temple Law)


Niko Matouschek (Northwestern Management)

James K. Galbraith (Texas Public Affairs), How Conservatives Abandoned the Free Market and Why Liberals Should Too


Ron Shapiro (Shapiro Sher Guinot & Sandler), Dare to Prepare: How to Win Before You Begin

UC Berkeley

Tom Ginsburg (Illinois Law), The Lifespan of Written Constitutions

UC Hastings

Cesare Romano (Loyola LA Law), The International Judge: An Introduction to the Men and Women Who Decide the World’s Cases

Yale Corporate Law

David Machlowitz (Medco Health Solutions, Inc.), Standing In Front Of The Bulls Eye: The Corporate Counsel In A Corporate Crisis