February 1, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops


Martha Chamallas (Ohio State Law), Race, Gender, and Torts

Duke Global Law

Martin Shapiro (UC Berkeley Law), Independent Agencies in the EU and Globally

Georgia International Law

Greg Shaffer (Loyola Law), A Structural Theory of WTO Dispute Settlement:Ā  Why Institutional Choice Lies at the Center of the GMO Case

Notre Dame

Linda McLain (Boston Law), Family Law

Toronto Feminism

Carol Sanger (Columbia Law), The Eye of the Storm: Mandatory Ultrasound and Fetal Confrontation

UCLA Friday Colloquium

Alexandra Natapoff (Loyola LA Law), Deregulating Guilt: The Information Culture of the Criminal System

Virginia Law

Gil Seinfeld (Michigan Law), Federal Courts as Franchise: Rethinking the Tripartite Mantra of Federal Jurisdiction