February 4, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops


Herbert Hovenkamp (Iowa Law), Innovation and the Domain of Competition Policy


Timothy Kaufman-Osborn (Whitman Politics), Perfecting Death: Abolitionism and the Challenge of Lethal Injection

Columbia Law & Economics

Omri Ben-Shahar (Michigan Law), How to Repair Unconscionable Contracts


Eric Helland (Claremont-McKenna), The Impact of the Securities Litigation on the Directors’ Labor Market

Georgetown Law & Philosophy

Knud Haakonssen (Sussex History), Protestant Natural Law and the Question of Rights: The Case of Francis Hutcheson I & II

Northwestern Law & Economics

Leemore S. Dafny (Northwestern Management), Are Health Insurance Markets Competitive?


Cristina Rodriguez (NYU Law), Significance of the Local in Immigration Regulation

Seton Hall

Nicole Garnett (Notre Dame Law)

St. Thomas (MN)

Emily Meazell (Oklahoma Law)


Nancy Ehrenreich (Denver Law), Feminist Theory and Reproductive Rights


Alex Raskolnikov (Columbia Law), Beyond Deterrence: Targeting Tax Enforcement with a Penalty Default

Virginia Law & Economics

Yair Listokin (Yale Law), Does Shareholder Voting Maximize Stock Market Value?

Yale Corporate Law

Chief Justice Myron Steele (Supreme Court of Delaware), Delaware, North Dakota, and Federalism