February 6, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops


Richard Aynes (Akron Law) & Malina Coleman (Akron Law), Mark Graber, Dred Scott, and Dealing with Evil


Ruth Mason (UConn Law), Made in America for European Tax: The Consistency Test

Michigan Tax Policy

Chris Sanchirico (Penn Law), The Tax Advantage to Paying Private Equity Fund Managers with Profit Shares: What is it? Why is it Bad?

NYU Legal History

Lauren Benton (NYU History), Island Chains: Military Law and Convict Transportation, 1780-1840


Kenneth Kilbert (Toledo Law), Contribution Under RCRA’s Imminent Hazard Provisions

Yale Workplace Theory & Policy

Nelson Lichtenstein (UC Santa Barbara History), Wal-Mart as the Template for 21st Century Capitalism: The Rise of Retailing as the Lynchpin of the Global Economy

Geography and Gender: The Origins and Reproduction of Wal-Mart’s Managerial Culture

Supply-Chains, Workers’ Chains and the New World of Retail Supremacy