February 7, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops


Stacey Dogan (Boston Law), Functionality Reconsidered

Boston College Legal History

Warren Billings (New Orleans History), Just Laws for the Happy Guiding and Governing of the People There Inhabiting: Laws in the Colonial South

Florida State

John Mayo (Georgetown Business), The Influence of Firms on Government


Tracy Higgins (Fordham Law), Regulatory Feminism


Chris Elmendorf (UC Davis), Undue Burdens on Voter Participation (Is the Right to Vote Like the Right to an Abortion?)


Reva Siegel (Yale Law), The Rights’ Reasons: Constitutional Conflict and the Spread of Woman-Protective Anti-Abortion Argument

Michigan Law & Economics

Jon Klick (Florida State), The Effect of Contractual Regulation: The Case of Franchising

NYU Tax Policy & Public Finance

Chris Sanchirico (Penn Law), The Tax Advantage to Paying Private Equity Funds Managers with Profit Shares: What is it? Why is it Bad?

Northwestern Tax

Dennis Ventry (American University Law), Whistleblowers and Qui Tam for Tax


Marcia McCormick (Cumberland Law), The Truth is Out There: Refitting EEOC for the Twenty-First Century


William Birdthistle (Chicago-Kent Law), Exchange Traded Funds

Temple International Law

Melissa Waters (Washington & Lee Law), Veri, Vidi, Amici: Law Professors as Transnational Norm Entrepreneurs Before the U.S. Supreme Court


Dick Fallon (Harvard Law), Constitutional Precedent Viewed Through the Lens of Hartian Jurisprudence

Toronto Health Law

Aeyal Gross (Tel Aviv Law), Health Between a Right and a Commodity: A Comparative Analysis of the Israeli Experience


Lars Noah (Florida)

Yale Law & Economics

Tom Miles (Chicago Law), Strategic Judging under the Voting Rights Act & Judicial Decisionmaking and the Transformation of Voting Rights Doctrine