February 12, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops


William A. Birdthistle (Chicago-Kent Law), The Fortunes and Foibles of Exchange-Traded Funds

Chicago-Kent Legal History

Joanna Grisinger (Clemson History), Looking Inward: The Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946 and Administrative Reform

Chicago Law & Economy

Sharon Hannes (Tel Aviv Law), Compensating for Executive Compensation


David Hoffman (Temple Law), Docketology, District Courts, and Doctrine


Risa Goluboff (Virginia Law), The Lost Promise of Civil Rights (Intro), Chapter 9: Brown and the Remaking of Civil Rights


Jackie Lipton (Case Western Law), The Rise of Publicity in Rubloff Reception


Ed Fallone (Marquette Law), The Borderless Consitution

Notre Dame

Judy Fox (Notre Dame Law), Foreclosures and Abandoned Homes in South Bend: A Search for Causes and Solutions


Daniel Berkowitz (Pittsburgh Economics) & Karen Clay (Carnegie Mellon Heinz School of Public Policy & Management), Legal Origins and the Evolution of Institutions:  Evidence from American State Courts


Steve Friedland (Elon Law), Some Thoughts on Implementing the Carnegie Report — Curriculum, Assessment and Learning Environments

UCLA Law, Economics, & Organizations

Emmanuel Saez (UC Berkeley Economics), Optimal Minimum Wage Policy in Competitive Labor Markets

Yale Legal History

Joshua Getzler (Oxford Law), Changing Attitudes to Finance in English Law and Equity c. 1860-1920