February 15, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops

Duke Global Law

Gregory S. Alexander (Cornell Law), Can Constitutions be Transformative? The Role of Background Traditions and Culture


Stephen H. Legomsky (Washington University Law), Learning to Live with Unequal Justice: Asylum and the Limits to Consistency

Georgia International Law

Nadia Bernaz (National University of Ireland at Galway), The Caribbean Court of Justice: One Court with Two Jurisdictions — A Unique Judicial Institution?

Notre Dame

Laura Dickinson (UConn Law), Civil Rights and Legal History

UCLA Fridays

Ronald J. Allen (Northwestern Law), Juridical Proof and the Best Explanation


Christopher Slobogin (Florida Law), Dangerousness and Death Penalty

Vanderbilt Faculty Presentations

Chris Brummer (Vanderbilt Law), The Public Markets and International Financial Centers

Tracey E. George (Vanderbilt Law)


Jennifer Hendricks (Tennessee Law)


Saikrishna Prakash (San Diego Law), The Separation and Overlap of War and Military Powers