February 21, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops


Jane Campbell Moriarty (Akron Law), Experiences as a Visiting Professor

Boston University

Chuck Whitehead (Boston Law), The Evolution of Debt: Agency Costs, Financial Innovation, and Corporate Governance


Raqaiijah A. Yearby (Loyola Law), You Can’t Win, You Can’t Break Even, and You Can’t Get Out of the Game: Discontinuing the Cycle of Racial Inequities in Health Care Forty-Four Years after the Passage of Title VI

Chicago Constitutional Law

Gillian Metzger (Columbia Law), Administrative Law as the New Federalism


Robert Thompson (Vanderbilt Law), Corporate Voting in the World of Financial Engineering

Florida State

Jutta Brunnee (Toronto Law)


Margareth Etienne (Illinois Law), Uncorporating the Large Firm


Robert Tsai (Oregon Law), Reconsidering Gobitis: Lessons in Presidential Leadership

Michigan Law & Economics

Alicia Davis Evans (Michigan Law), Are Investors’ Gains and Losses from Securities Fraud Equal Over Time? Some Preliminary Evidence

Minnesota Faculty Works

Allan Erbsen (Minnesota Law), Horizontal Federalism

NYU Colloquium on Tax Policy & Public Finance

Brian Galle (Florida State Law), Tax Fairness

Northwestern Advanced Topics in Taxation

Adam Rosenzweig (Washington Law in St. Louis), Taxation, Risk and Derivatives: Does an Income Tax Subsidize Hedge Funds?


Jenny S. Martinez (Stanford Law), Substance and Process in the War on Terror

Temple International Law

Jeremy Rabkin (George Mason Law), Exit, Voice, Loyalty in International Organizations: Why Can’t the President Check the First Option


Heather Gerken (Yale Law), Dissenting by Deciding

Vanderbilt Faculty Presentations

Frank Bloch (Vanderbilt Law), The Future of Legal Education

Nita Farahany (Vanderbilt Law), Neuroscience in the Criminal Justice System


Aida Alaka (Washburn Law), The Phenomenology of Error in Student Legal Writing


Pat Kuszler (Washington Law), Genomics and Global Health: Promise or Peril

Yale Law & Economics

Erica Field (Harvard Economics), Prenuptial Agreements and the Emergence of Dowry in Bangladesh