March 4, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago Law & Politics

Nathaniel Persily (Columbia Law), Vote Fraud in the Eye of the Beholder: The Role of Public Opinion in the Challenge to Voter Identification Requirements


Graeme W. Austin (Arizona Law), What is Copyright? A Constitutional Question, Apparently

Chicago-Kent Legal History

Allison Tirres (DePaul Law), The Railroad, the Courthouse, and the Making of New Legal Borderlands

Harvard Internet & Society

Jim Bessen (Boston University Law), Patent Failure

Lewis & Clark

Craig Johnston (Lewis & Clark Law)

Minnesota Law & History

Yaffa Epstein, From Emission to Pollution: Business Interests and the Regulation of Smoke Emission in the Twin Cities, 1890-1910

St. Thomas (MN)

Francesco Parisi (Minnesota Law)


Barbara Harlow (Texas English), Tortured Thoughts: The Example Set by Ruth Frst from her Interrogation in 1963 to her Assassination in 1982


Wei Song (China Law Institute), From Invention to Innovation: Laws and Regulations of Technology Transfer in China

Yale Legal History

Mark Graber (Maryland Law), Maintaining Judicial Review: The Debate Over Section 25 Revisited