March 10, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops


Josef Drexl (Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law)

Chicago Law & Philosophy

Alan Wertheimer (Vermont Political Science)

Georgetown Law & Philosophy

Alastair Norcross (Rice Philosophy), Consequentialism and Commitment

Georgetown Statutory

Lisa Schultz Bressman (Vanderbilt Law), Administrative Law


Gary Bass (Princeton Politics), Freedom’s Battle: The Origins of Humanitarian Intervention

Harvard International Law

Jonathan Baron (Penn Psychology)

Michigan International Law

Ambassador Luigi R. Einaudi (Secretary General, Organization of American States), The Ideal and Practice of Democratic Legitimacy in Latin America

Northwestern Law & Economics

Betsey Stevenson (Penn Business), Beyond the Classroom: Using Title IX to Measure the Return to High School Sports

Queen’s Law

John Gardner (Oxford), H.L.A. Hart’s Punishment and Responsibility: Forty Years On


Michael Dorf (Columbia law), Dynamic Incorporation of Foreign Law

Seton Hall

Brett Frischmann (Loyola-Chicago Law)

Stanford Internet & Society

Jim Bessen (Boston University Law), Patent Failure

St. John’s

Alexandra D. Lahav (UConn Law), Advocacy at Unfair Hearings

UC Berkeley

Malcolm Feeley (UC Berkeley Law) & Edward Rubin (Vanderbilt Law), Federalism: Political Identity and Tragic Compromise

UC Berkeley Law & Economics

Ethan Kaplan (UC Berkeley Economics) & Arindrajit Dube (UC Berkeley Wage and Employment) & Suresh Naidu (UC Berkeley Ph.D.), Coups, Corporations, and Classified Information

UCLA Mondays

Arleen Leibowitz (UCLA Public Policy), The Road to Health is Paved With Poor Incentives

USC Law, Economics and Organization

Tom Ginsburg (Illinois Law), Guarding the Guardians: The Law & Economics of Judicial Councils

Yale Corporate Law

Paul Grossman (Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker), Imaginative Responses to Real World Litigation Problems