Administrative Law Under George W. Bush, Future of Admin. Law – Durham, NC

The Duke Law Journal is delighted to announce the topic of the 2009 Duke Law Journal Symposium. It will focus on administrative law under the George W. Bush administration and the future of administrative law. The symposium will look retrospectively at the characteristics and accomplishments of the administrative state under the Bush Administration and prospectively at the direction the next President will or should take the administrative state. The symposium expects to include general articles about the larger themes and trends in administrative law as well as articles focusing on specific administrative law fields.

For more information, please contact the Duke Law Journal Symposium Editor, Elissa Flynn, at Elissa.Flynn[at] or the Duke Law Journal Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Chemerinsky, at Jeffrey.Chemerinsky[at]

Update (May 20, 2008): The symposium has been scheduled for March 20, 2009. “Cass Sunstein, John Yoo, Adrien Vermeule, Cynthia Farina, Catherine Sharkey and Judge Harry Edwards have all agreed to come and contribute.”