April 2, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops


Jane Larson (Wisconsin Law), Regulating Sex: Multiple Paradigms for Thinking About Sexual Freedom and Autonomy


Jeffrey G. Sherman (Chicago-Kent Law)


Wendy Bach (CUNY Law)


Anne Dailey (UConn Law), Imagination and Choice

NYU Legal History

Bernard Freamon (Seton Hall Law), The Abolition of the Indian Ocean Slave Trade and the Vicissitudes of Empire

SMU Law & Citizenship

Michael Kirsch (Notre Dame Law), Taxing Citizens in a Global Economy


Alejandro Moreno (Texas Medicine), Implementation of the Istanbul Protocol – A Summary Report of the Efforts to Eliminate Torture and Ill-Treatment in Mexico

Toronto Law & Economics

Edward Rock (Penn Law), The Hanging Chads of Corporate Voting

UC Hastings

Reza Dibadj (USF Law)

UCLA Williams Institute

Adam Romero (The Williams Institute), When Family Falls

USC Law, History & Culture

Josephine McDonagh (King’s College), On Settling and Being Unsettled: Motion and Emotion in Dickens’s Bleak House