March 31, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago Law & Philosophy

Stephen Schulhofer (NYU Law)


Ulrich Haltern (Humboltd), Law and the Identity of Europe


Michael B. Lang (Chapman Law), What Every Tax Lawyer Should Know About Patented Tax Strategies

Georgetown Law & Philosophy

Steve Darwall (Michigan Law), The Nature and Value of Rights & The Second-Person Standpoint: Respect, Morality, and Accountability Chapter 1 & 2


David B. Mustard (Georgia Business) & Thomas A. Eaton (Georgia Law)


Mary Bilder (Boston Law), James Madison, Law Student

Harvard International Law

Margaret Levi (Washington Political Science)


Anita Krishnakumar (St. John’s Law), Early Reflections on the Roberts Court and Statutory Interpretation

Northwestern Law & Economics

Roberta Romano (Yale Law), Does the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Have a Future?

Ohio State University

Deborah L. Brake (Pittsburgh Law), The Invisible Pregnant Athlete and the Promise of Title IX

Queen’s Law

Victor Tadros (Warwick Law), Wrongs and Crimes


Ralph Porcher (Institute of Advanced Study), The Hand of Midas: When Concepts Turn Legal or Deflating the Hart-Dworkin-Debate

Seton Hall

Reinier Kraakman (Harvard Law)

Stanford Law, Science, & Technology

Mark Forman

St. John’s

Michael M. O’Hear (Marquette Law), Lovely Rita?: Procedural Justice and Federal Sentencing


Donald Harris (Temple Law)


Michael Perino (St. John’s Law)

UC Berkeley

Alexandra Kalev (Arizona Sociology), Cracking the Glass Cages? Restructuring and Ascriptive Inequality at Work

UC Hastings

Yafir Holzman-Gazit (Israel Management Law), Land Expropriation in Israel

UCLA Faculty Mondays

Naomi Lamoreaux (UCLA Economics), Scylla and Charybdis? Some Historical Reflections on the Two Basic Problems of Corporate Governance

USC Law, Economics, and Organization

Josh Lerner (Harvard Business), Inducement Prizes and Innovation

Virginia Law & Economics

Stephen Choi (NYU Law), Director Elections and the Influence of Proxy Advisors

Washington University in St. Louis

Anuj Desai (Wisconsin Law)