April 8, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago Law & Politics

John Witt (Columbia Law), Form and Substance in the Law of Counterinsurgency Damages


Cynthia Estlund (NYU Law)

Chicago-Kent Legal History

Serena Mayeri (Penn Law)

Connecticut Tax

Joshua Blank (NYU Law), What’s Wrong With Shaming Corporate Tax Abuse

Duke International & Comparative Law

Angelos Pangratis (European Union), The Future of E.U.-U.S. Relations


William Eskridge, Jr. (Fordham Law), Vetogates, Chevron, Preemption


Gregg Bloche (Georgetown Law), The Emergent Logic of Health Care

Harvard Internet & Society

Steve Ward (Oxford Internet Institute)


Tom Ginsburg (Illinois Law), The Life Span of Written Constitutions

Minnesota Law & History

Tom Romero II (Hamline Law), Creating and Containing the Multiracial Hetereotopia: Kelo, Parents, and the Spatialization of Color(blindness) in the Berman-Brown Postmetroplis

St. Thomas (Mn)

Charles Reid (St. Thomas (Mn) Law)

Toronto Law & Literature

Ayelet Ben-Yishai (Haifa English), Give Me a Precedent: Past, Present and Future in Victorian Fiction and Law

UCLA Law, Economics, and Organizations

Stephen Choi (NYU Law), Empirical Evidence on Securities Arbitration