April 15, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops


Jose Alvarez (Columbia Law), The Empire of Law or the Law of Empire

Chicago Law & Economics

Ray Fisman (Columbia Business), Learning Social Preferences at Yale Law School


David Yalof (UConn Law), Confirmation Obfuscation: Supreme Court Confirmation Politics in a Conservative Era


Joby Branion (Athletes First), An Insider’s Perspective


Tanya K. Hernandez (George Washington Law), The Long Lindering Shadow: Law, Liberalism and Cultures of Racial Hierarchy and Identity in the Americas 


Kerry Rittich (Toronto Law), Informal Labour Markets and Development

Harvard Internet & Society

Rachel Lyon (Lioness Media), Race and the Internet

Lewis & Clark

Rachelle Adam (Israeli Environmental Ministry), Addressing Biodiversity Loss: The Elusiveness of Effective International Agreements

Notre Dame

Mike Kirsch (Notre Dame Law), Evolving Interpretations of U.S. Tax Treaties