April 16, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago International Law

Kathryn Sikkink (Minnesota Law), Do Human Rights Trials Make a Difference?


Felice Batlan (Chicago-Kent Law), The Imperial SEC? Historicizing the Internationalization of the Securities Markets


Dinesh Khosla (CUNY Law), A Case Study in Social Entrepreneurship


Katherine Stone (UCLA Law)

NYU Legal History

Michael Hoeflich (Kansas Law), Selling the Law in Antebellum America: The Sale & Distribution of Law Books, 1780-1870

St. Thomas (Mn)

Matt Bodie (St. Louis Law), The False Promise of One Share, One Vote

SMU Law & Citizenship

Keith Aoki (UC Davis Law)

UC Hastings

Tony Sebok (Cardozo Law)