Call for Papers: Race, Class, Sexuality, Gender in the Pacific Northwest

DISORIENT: A Journal of Race, Class, Sexuality and Gender in the Pacific Northwest at the University of Washington School of Law

Call for submissions to undergraduate and graduate students, professors, activists and attorneys for 2007-2008 Inaugural Issue — deadline: July 1, 2008.

Topics We Welcome

The following list is meant to be illustrative, but not exclusive:

  • The production of race and gender by and through the law;
  • Legal influences on the body/ bodies;
  • Legal discourse;
  • Legal rhetoric;
  • The public/private distinction and the law;
  • Queer spaces and the law;
  • Utopia, heterotopia, and the law;
  • Whiteness in the Pacific Northwest;
  • Intersectionality;
  • Legal radicalism in pedagogy and practice;
  • Global capitalism in the Pacific Northwest;
  • Prisons, un-documentation and civil death;
  • The politics of rural spaces;
  • Radical environmentalism and the law;
  • Terrorism and the law;
  • Law and literature;
  • Legal histories;
  • Genealogies of the law

Who Can Submit
Undergraduate and graduate students and professors from any academic or activist background able to comment meaningfully on interests consistent with Disorient’s mission statement. Practicing activists and attorneys are also invited to submit.

Editing Process
Theory of editing: Minimal content editing, with a focus on larger structural edits for organization and logical coherence, as well as citation/Bluebook. Page limit is about 30 pages.

Selection Process
We commit to publishing original works of high quality that maintain political and social commitments consistent with our mission statement. We intend to accept 8 polished articles as per the deadline below.

How to Submit
Email drafts to by July 1, 2008 Drafts with edits will be returned by July 31, 2008 Final Draft Due August 31, 2008

Who we are: Disorient is a student-run, on-line, multidisciplinary law journal at the University of Washington School of Law. It deals with issues of race, gender, sexuality and class, and focuses on law as it pertains to social-justice issues in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. The journal is a forum that will support the development of theory and praxis affecting those traditionally marginalized by the legal academy and dominant social formations. Disorient’s primary goal is to initiate a dialogue between scholars, activists and organizations. It will expose the many intersections between the law and race, gender, sexuality and class-based oppression, and will foster change through a multidisciplinary analysis. The journal works to increase local and global cooperation, promote discussion between those working in related fields, and encourages progressive, institutional changes to confront the effects of systematic oppression. Disorient maintains a commitment to historically, socially, and politically grounded modes of critique and attempts to close the divide between transformative intellect and community engagement.

Please contact Aya Winston, Sarah White, or Maya Sheppard at dislaw[at]