Works in Progress Intellectual Property Colloquium – New Orleans

Tulane University Law School hosts the 6th Annual Works in Progress Intellectual Property Colloquium Oct. 3-4, 2008. The call for papers deadline is Aug. 15, 2008.

Tulane University Law School is proud to host the 6th Annual WIP IP conference, on Friday and Saturday, October 3-4, 2008. Dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday will be provided, as well as coffee breaks.

The Colloquium offers intellectual property scholars an opportunity to present work at various stages of development to gain suggestions from colleagues. Presenting is not a pre-requisite for attendance. To view the program from last yearÂ’s colloquium go to:

For more information, feel free to contact Professor Glynn Lunney by email at glunney [at] or by telephone at (504) 865-5987.

To register as a participant, email Professor Elizabeth Townsend Gard at townsend [at]

Registration and Paper Deadlines

Please submit a title and abstract of your paper by August 15, 2008 to Professor Elizabeth Townsend Gard at townsend [at] Full papers are due by September 15, 2008. We will have two categories: preliminary ideas in draft form and fully developed papers. Please indicate which category your paper fits. Please upload the paper to the WIP IP 2008 website, along with any PowerPoint or other presentation materials needed for the conference.

For those planning to attend, but not present work, please email Elizabeth Townsend Gard at townsend [at] by September 15, 2008.

The Colloquium is free of charge but participants must pay their travel expenses.

More information on hotel and travel information will be forthcoming on the WIP IP 2008 website.

Glynn Lunney,
McGlinchey Stafford Professor of Law Professor of Law

Elizabeth Townsend Gard
Associate Professor

Gabriel Feldman
Associate Professor of Law and Director, Sports Law Program

Thanks: IP and IT Conferences.