Call for Papers – Charleston Law Review

The Charleston Law Review is the flagship journal of the Charleston School of Law and is currently accepting submissions ON ANY SUBJECT MATTER for its first issue of Volume 3. Though we are a young journal at a young institution, the Charleston Law Review has enjoyed the privilege of publishing some of our nation’s leading thinkers and has earned a reputation as being a professional publication that authors have enjoyed working with.

In its second volume, for example, the Charleston Law Review garnered national recognition for publishing Senator and Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama and hosting a punitive damages symposium that featured leading thinkers such as Professor Anthony Sebok of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Professor Neil Vidmar of Duke Law School, Professor Keith Hylton of Boston University Law School, and Professor Mike Rustad of Suffolk University Law School. The symposium volume also included noted practitioners Ms. Elizabeth Cabraser and Mr. Victor Schwartz. In its general issues, Charleston Law Review also published notable scholars such as Professor Walter Murphy of Princeton University and Professor John Yoo of University of California Berkeley Law School.

Currently, we are accepting submissions ON ANY SUBJECT MATTER for our first issue of Volume 3. Deadline is August 8th. For further information on the Charleston Law Review, please contact Editor-in-Chief Katie Fowler via email at kfowler [at] or via telephone at 803-309-5421.