September 11 Colloquia/Workshops


       Stephen Siegel (Depaul Law), Injunction for Defamation, Juries, and the Clarifying Lens of 1868

Florida State

       Samuel Jordan (St. Louis Law), Irregular Panels


       Judge Coughenour (USDC Westen District of Washington)

Lewis and Clark

       Neal Devins (William and Mary Law), Did Bush Hurt the Presidency?  The Nexus between Party Polarization and Presidential Power 

Michigan Law and Economics

      Max Schanzenbach (Northwestern Law), The Impact of Tort Reform on Private Health Insurance Coverage

Oregon Enviromental & Natural Resources Law

       Gabriel Eckstein (Oregon Law), Climate Change Implication for Negotiating International Transboundary Water Agreements

Santa Clara Center For Social Justice and Public Service

       Jocelyn Benson (Wayne State Law), Towards Full Participation: The History and Relevance of Language Assistance for English Learning Voters

Yale Economics & Organization

       Enrichetta Ravina (NYU Business), Love & Loans.  The Effect of Beauty and Personal Characteristics in Credit Markets