September 15th Colloquia/Workshops


       Lonny Sheinkopf Hoffman (Houston Law)

Boston College Legal History

       Bernie D. Jones (Suffolk Law)

Columbia Law and Economics

       David A. Weisbach (Chicago Law), Climate Change and Discounting the Future: A Guide for the Perplexed

Loyola Tax Policy

       Michael Knoll (Pennsylvania Law), International Competitiveness, Tax Incentives, and a New Argument for Tax Sparing: Preventing Double Taxation by Crediting Implicit Taxes

New York Law and Security

       Eric Posner (Chicago Law), Terror in the Balance: Security, Liberty, and the Courts

UC Berkeley CSLS Speaker Series

       Andreas Abegg (Freiburg Law), The Contracting State and its Courts – A Comparative Historical Inquiry

UCLA Monday Colloquium

       Lynn Stout (UCLA Law), Is The Homo Economicus Model a Self -Fulfilling Prophecy

Washington University in St. Louis  

       Melissa Murray (UC Berkeley), The Space Between: The Intersection of Criminal Law and Family Law