September 22 Colloquia/Workshops


       Pauline Kim (Washington Law)


       Steve Schwarcz (Duke Law),  Complexity as a Catalyst of Market Failure: A Law and Engineering Inquiry

Loyola Tax Policy

       Howard Chang (Penn Law), Immigration Restrictions as Redistributive Taxation

New York Law and Security

       Peter Clarke

Northwestern Law and Political Economy

       Elizabeth Garrett (USC Law), Direct Democracy and Public Choice

UC Berkley CSLS Series

       Justin O’Brien (Australian National University), Barriers to Entry: Foreign Direct Investment and the Regulation of Sovereign Wealth

UCLA Monday Colloquia

       Kurt Lash (Loyola Law), Leaving the Chisholm Trail: The Eleventh Amendment and the Background Principle of Strict Construction

USC Law and Philosophy       

       Wil Waluchow (McMaster University), Four Concepts of Validity: Reflections on Inclusive and Exclusive Positivism

USC Communications Law and Policy        Paige Marta Skiba (Vanderbilt Law)Vanderbilt       Jesse Fried (Berkely Law), Do VCs Misbehave?  Some Evidence from Silicon Valley

Washington – St. Louis

       Jennifer Rothman (Loyola Law)

Virginia Legal History

       Felice Batlan (Chicago-Kent Law)