October 16th Colloquia/Workshops


       Vanessa A. Baird (Colorado-Boulder Political Science), Answering the Call of the Courts: How Justices and Litigants Set the Supreme Court Agenda


       Benjamin Spencer (Washington & Lee), Deconstructing Pleading Doctrine

Florida State

        Neil Kinkopf (Georgia State Law)

Harvard Health Law Policy, Biotechnology and Bioethics Workshop

       Ashish Jha (Harvard Public Health), How does Pay for Performance Affect Hospitals that Care for the Poor

Lewis & Clark

       Lori Damrosch (Columbia Law), International Law and National Law

Michigan Law and Economics

       Brernard Black (Texas Law), The Effects of Pretrial Process Reform: Evidence from Texas Malpractice Cases

Minnesota Works In Progress

       Jeffery Kahn (SMU Law), International Travel, National Security, and the Constitution in War and Peace

New York University Law and Society

       Justin Richland (UC Irvine Criminology), Corrupting Conversations: Ethics and Metadiscourse in Federal Lobbying Reform Legislation

Northwestern Law and Economics

       Dean Lueck (Arizona Economics), The Demarcation of Land

Oregon Enviromental & Natural Resources Law 

       Brook Muller (Oregon Architecture), Developing Conservation

Santa Clara Social Justice

       Kathy Feng (California Common Cause)

Toronto Health Law Policy

       Vanessa Gruben (Ottawa Law), Privacy and the AHRA: Assisting in the Collection of Information for the Assisted Human Reproduction Agency of Canada

Yale Law, Economics and Organization

       Joel Slemrod (Michigan Economics), The Coase Theorem and Tax Law