October 30th Colloquia/Workshops


       Michael Madison (Pittsburgh Law), Notes on a Geography of Knowledge


       Daryl Levinson (Harvard Law)

Harvard Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, Bioethics Workshop

       Mark A. Hall (Wake Forest Law), Government-Sponsored Reinsurance: Purpose and Performance


       Philip Alston (NYU Law)


       Thomas Gallanis (Minnesota Law)


      Cynthia Lee (George Washington Law), Allowing the “Gay Panic” Defense:  The Importance of Making Sexual Orientation Salient

Michigan Law and Economics

       Dan Klerman (USC), Legal Origin and Economic Growth

Minnesota Works in Progress

       Charles Silver (Texas Law), Managing Lead Attorneys’ Compensation in Multi-District Litigation

Northwestern Law and Economics

       Yaniv Geinstein (Cornell Finance), The Market for CEO Talent: Implications for CEO Compensation

Pennsylvania Law and Philosophy

       Dan Markovits (Yale Law), Solidarity at Arm’s Length

Santa Clara Social Justice

       Judy Nadler (Santa Clara), Campaigning Ethics and Financing

St. Thomas

       Brian Bix (Minnesota Law)


       Yuanyuan Shen (Harvard Law), From Plan to Market: The Development of China’s Food Safety Law

Yale Law Economics & Organization

       Ilyana Kuziemko (Princeton Economics), “Dodging Up” to College or “Dodging Down” to Jail