October 31st Colloquia/Workshops


       Cristina Rodriguez (NYU Law)


       Frederick Gedicks (BYU Law), Pluralism,  Oppression, and the Ambiguous “Revival” of Religion

Florida State

       Ani Satz (Emory Law), Equal Protection of Animals

Georgetown Law and Economics

       Lily Batchelder (NYU Law)

NYU Legal History

       James Oldham (Georgetown Law), Under the Radar: Informal Law-Making by the Twelve Judges in the Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries

Pennsylvania Tax Law & Policy

      Mark Gergen (Texas Law), Why Strong Third Party Penalties are an Essential Tool for Discouraging Taxpayers from Taking Aggressive Positions in Reporting on Matters of Factual or Legal Uncertainty 

Roger Williams University

       Glenn C. Loury (Brown Economics), Incarceration Policy and the Effects on Black Men


       Chris Stone (USC), The the Climate Have Standing?

Virginia Law

       Thomas Merrill (Yale Law)