Homeless Youth and the Law – Washington, DC

The National Network for Youth and The American Bar AssociationÂ’s Commission on Youth at Risk, Commission on Homelessness and Poverty, and Center on Children and the Law present Symposium 2009:Celebrating Youth, Inspiring Leadership, and Creating Change, Jan. 25-28, 2009, in Washington, DC.

The National Network for Youth continues to partner with the American Bar Association to develop state public policy and legal practice resources and learning opportunities for law professionals and for organizations serving and advocating for unaccompanied youth. Symposium 2009 Homeless Youth and the Law will follow-up on the successful summer 2008 Homeless Youth and the Law Conference, which brought together providers, judges, attorneys, and state legislators to discuss and develop model and best practices around state public policy. Experts from each topical area will provide recommendations for addressing these critical challenges.

Topics will focus on legal issues facing homeless youth in the following areas:

  • Status Offenses and Juvenile Offenses
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Housing
  • Income Support and Legal Assistance
  • Youth Access to Custodial Systems
  • Homeless LGBTQ Youth and the Law
  • Discharge from Custodial Services
  • Integrating Policy and Practice

Karen Mathis, Past President of the American Bar Association, will speak at Monday’s luncheon. David Plouffe, President-Elect Obama’s campaign director, will speak at the luncheon on Tuesday.