January 22nd Colloquia/Workshops

Boston University

       Rusty Park (Boston University Law)


       Alexandra D. Lahav (Connecticut Law), Portraits of Resistance: How Lawyers Respond to Unjust Proceedings

Columbia Papers

       David Schizer & Thomas Merrill (Columbia Law), Advancing Energy Policy Goals in an Economic Downturn: A Proposed Petroleum Fuel Price Stabilization Plan


       Lawrence Mitchell (George Washington Law),  The Speculation Economy:  How Finance Triumphed Over Industry

Minnesota Faculty Works in Progress

       Catherine Sharkey (NYU Law), Agency Accountability: Federal Preemption’s Future

Northwestern Law and Economics

       Eric Posner (Chicago Law), The Rights of Migrants

NYU Law and Society

       Kim Lane (Princeton Law and Public Affairs), The Law is the way the State Talk to Itself

Ohio Northern

       Heather K. Gerken (Yale Law), Building the Election System We Deserve


       Joyce Sterling (Denver Law)

Toronto Health Law

       Mary Wiktorowicz (York Health Policy and Management), Mental health network governance and coordination: Comparative analysis across ten regions