Teaching Ethics and Professionalism – Cartersville, GA

The National Institute for Teaching Ethics and Professionalism (NIFTEP) invites full-time, adjunct, and clinical law professors, practitioners, and others who are committed to promoting ethics and professionalism to apply for its Fall 2009 workshop on November 6-8, 2009. The workshop will be held at Red Top Mountain State Park and Lodge in Cartersville, Georgia, 40 miles northwest of Atlanta. Click here for the application and other workshop information. Fellowship applications are due by Sept. 11, 2009.

THEME ONE : What explicit information and implicit messages are today’s law students and beginning lawyers receiving from popular culture, legal education and the profession about what it means to be a lawyer? How can law teachers and practitioners work together to improve that information and modify those messages, especially to promote ethics and professionalism?

THEME TWO : How can we better identify in our own teaching, mentoring and supervision the implicit messages we convey about what it means to be a lawyer?’