Midwestern Law & Economics Association Annual Meeting – Day One

 The Ninth Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Law & Economics Association will be held on October 4-5 at Notre Dame Law School.  Program after the break.

Session I
9:00 am – 10:30 am Panel A: Torts & Health Care
Moderator: O. Carter Snead (Notre Dame)Barbara Luppi (Modena—Economics) & Francesco Parisi (Minnesota)
   “Forgiving Overconfidence in Tort Law”

Adam Candeub (Michigan State)
   “Signals, Warranty and the Healthcare Contract”

Robert Katz (IU—Indianapolis)
   “The Tissue Transplantation Industry: A Case Study in How Market Actors Can Reduce Transaction Costs by Economizing on Moral Externalities”

Room 3108 Eck Hall of Law
  Panel B: Procedure
Moderator: Joseph Bauer (Notre Dame)David Hyman (Illinois), Bernard Black (Texas), and Charles Silver (Texas)
   “Waiting for the Big One: The Economics of Plaintiff-Side Personal Injury Litigation”

Paul Stancil (Illinois)
   “Close Enough for Government Work: The Committee Rulemaking Game”

Royce Barondes (Missouri)
   “ABA Ratings of Federal District Court Judges and Likelihood of a Shepard’s Warning Signal”

Room 2171 Eck Hall of Law
10:30 am – 10:45 am Break Room 2130 Eck Hall of Law
Session Il
10:45 am – 12:15 pm Panel A: Corporate I
Moderator: Margaret Brinig (Notre Dame)Robert Rhee (Maryland)
   “Bonding Limited Liability”

Brian Broughman (IU-Bloomington) & Jesse Fried (Harvard)
    “Do Venture Capitalists use Inside Rounds to Dilute Entrepreneurs? Evidence from Silicon Valley”

Elizabeth Brown (Georgia State—Business)
   “A Comparison of the Handling of the Financial Crisis in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia”

Room 3108 Eck Hall of Law
  Panel B: Property I
Moderator: Nicole Garnett (Notre Dame)Jeffrey Stake (IU-Bloomington)
   “Just Compensation”

Brian Lee (Brooklyn)
    “Compensation for Emergency Destruction”

Daniel Kelly (Notre Dame)
   “Strategic Spillovers”

Room 2171 Eck Hall of Law
12:15 pm – 1:30 pm Lunch Room 2130 Eck Hall of Law
Session Ill
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm Panel A: Contracts
Moderator: Lisa Casey (Notre Dame)Barbara Luppi (Modena—Economics) & Francesco Parisi (Minnesota)
   “Optimal Remedies for Bilateral Contracts”

Amitai Aviram (Illinois)
   “Pro-cyclical Effects of a Common Response to Financial Crises”

Gerrit de Geest (Washington University—St. Louis)
   “A Method to Reduce Indeterminacy in Law and Economics without Hard Data, with an Application to Contract Remedies”

Room 3140 Eck Hall of Law
  Panel B: Property II
Moderator: Daniel Kelly (Notre Dame)Judith Fox (Notre Dame) & Richard Williams (Notre Dame—Sociology)
   “Foreclosures in St. Joseph County, Indiana, 2001-2007”

Margaret Brinig (Notre Dame) & Nicole Garnett (Notre Dame)
   “Catholic Schools, Urban Neighborhoods, and Education Reform”

Room 3108 Eck Hall of Law
3:00 pm – 3:15 pm Break Room 2130 Eck Hall of Law
Session IV
3:15 pm – 4:45 pm Panel A: Criminal Law and Welfare Economics
Moderator: Robert Blakey (Notre Dame)Robert Mikos (Vanderbilt)
   “Crime Doesn’t Pay: Some Realism about Taxing Marijuana”

Marcello Basili (Siena—Economic Policy), Simona Benedettini (Siena—Economics), and Antonio Nicita (Siena—Economics)
    “Compliance and Deterrence in Traffic Law Enforcement: The Case of Penalty Points”

John Bronsteen (Loyola), Christopher Buccafusco (Illinois), and Jonathan Masur (Chicago)
   “Welfare as Happiness”

Room 3140 Eck Hall of Law
  Panel B: Intellectual Property and Competition Law
Moderator: Mark McKenna (Notre Dame)Ted Sichelman (San Diego)
   “Quantum Game Theory and Cooperation in Intellectual Property”

Dave Schwartz (Chicago-Kent)
   “The Efficacy of Doctrinal Reallocation at the Federal Circuit”

Shahar Dillbary (Alabama)
   “Predatory Bundling and the Exclusionary Standard”