Call for Papers: Jury Practices in the U.S. Judicial System

The Drake Law Review and the American Judicature Society are pleased to announce the eighth annual American Judicature Society-Drake Law Review symposium issue, Jury-Rigged: The Increasingly Precarious State of Common Jury Practices in the United States Judicial System. The deadline for proposals is Dec. 3, 2010.

In the world of legal scholarship, much attention is paid to the judiciary. Countless law review articles are
written to try to persuade judges, and also to provide attorneys with the tools to help persuade judges. This
sentiment is mirrored outside the legal academy with intense media focus on nominations to the Supreme
Court of the United States and increasing attention to the issue of judicial recusal in the wake of the
Supreme Court’s decision in Caperton v. A.T. Massey Coal Co.

In the midst of this focus on the judiciary, the role of the jury is often neglected. In order to encourage
more discourse on juries, the Drake Law Review is seeking scholarly articles on a range of issues relating to the jury system. We are particularly interested in articles dealing with the following issues:

1. Jury Nullification;
2. The Role of Technology in Presenting a Case to a Jury;
3. Illicit Use of Technology by Jury Members;
4. Recent Developments in Voir Dire Practices;
5. Juror Feedback & Evaluation;
6. Notorious Trials/Sequestration (particularly in light of the accessibility of technology);
7. Comparative Study of Foreign Jury Systems;
8. The CSI Effect (or, how to overcome jurors’ preconceived notions).

Submissions addressing other jury system issues are also welcome. Articles of all types will be considered, from academic evaluations of the law to empirical studies of jury decision making and processes. The Drake Law Review invites you to participate in this collaboration by submitting an article to be published in this highly regarded issue of the Review.

If you would like to participate in this unique collaborative effort, please contact the Editor in Chief of the
Drake Law Review [Collin M. Davison, (641) 512-4944, collin.davison [at] or [at]] as soon as possible. All general topic proposals need to be submitted by December 3, 2010. The deadline for completed articles is January 28, 2011. Final decisions regarding publication are made by the Drake Law Review and are based on the quality of the article submitted by the January 28, 2011 deadline.