September 20, 2010 Colloquia / Workshops

Columbia Law and Economics

Chris Brummer (Georgetown Law)


Harwell Wells (Temple Law) presents “Executive Compensation.”

This paper is not publicly available.

Loyola Tax

David Gamage (UC Berkley Law) presents “On Tax Science: Market-Salience and Political-Salience.”

This paper is not publicly available.


Pamela Brandwein (Michigan Political Science) -presents “United States v. Cruikshank and Regime Politics: A New Look.”

This paper is not available through the Social Science Research Network, but a copy may be obtained by contacting Dara Faris at

Queen’s University

Daniel Awrey (Oxford Law) presents “Regulating Financial Innovation: A More Principle Based Proposal.”

This paper is not publicly available.


Beth Stephens (Rutgers-Camden Law) presents “The Emerging Common Law of Foreign Official Immunity.”

This paper is not publicly available.

Seton Hall

Eduardo M. Pe├▒alver (Cornell Law)

UC Hastings

Ethan J. Leib (UC Hastings Law) and Hadar Aviram (UC Hastings Law) present a workshop on friendship.

University of Southern California

Eyal Zamir (Hebrew University of Jerusalem Law) presents “Loss Aversion and Law’s Formation.”

This paper is publicly available.