September 23, 2010 Colloquia / Workshops


Darren Rosenblum (Pace Law) presents “Unsex CEDAW: What’s Wrong with Women’s Rights.”

This paper is publicly available.

George Washington

Abraham Drassinower (Toronto Law) presents “What’s Wrong with Copying?”

This paper is not publicly available.

Florida State

Victor Fleischer (Colorado Law)


Rachel Godsil (Seton Hall Law)

University of Illinois

Dan Schwarcz (Minnesota Law) presents “Will Employers Undermine Health Care Reform By Dumping Sick Employees.”

This paper is  publicly available.


Melissa Murray (Berkley Law) presents “Marriage as Punishment.”

This paper is not publicly available.


Thomas Merrill (Columbia Law) presents the Bolden Lecture.

UPenn Law and Economics

Merritt B. Fox (Columbia Law) presents “Fraud-on-the-Market Actions Against Foreign Issuer.”

This paper is not publicly available. 

Santa Clara Social Justice and Public Service

Funding Summer Work: Public Interest and Social Justice Law Board Summer Grants, LGBT Grants, and Stevens Fellowships Informational Session.”


David Schkade (UC San Diego Rady School of Management)

University of Texas

Carol Steiker (Harvard Law) presents “The Death Penalty and Deontology.”

This paper is publicly available.

Toronto Law and Humanities

Zahr Stauffer (Virginia Law) presents “Rethinking Protection for Literary Characters in Intellectual Property Law.”

This paper is not publicly available.

Virginia Legal History

Linda Greenhouse (Yale Law) presents “Before Roe v. Wade.”

This paper is  not publicly available.

Wisconsin Global Legal Studies

Workshop on “Brazil: Business Opportunities for U.S. Companies

Yale Law, Economics and Organization

Joshua Rauh (Kellogg School of Management) presents the Workshop in Law and Finance.

Yale Legal History

Beverly Gage (Yale History)